Cemetery Maintenance-Tree Removal-Fence

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This donation feature is a way to allow donors to contribute toward the upkeep of the cemetery and related expenses without having to join the website membership. While it is our hope that everyone who donates will also choose to join our family and be a part of what is taking place in Dutch Hollow, we still want to offer this versatility. If you so desire, donations can be made in honor of or in memory of someone of your choosing. Please put any special instuctions in the donor comments text box before submitting your donation. This information will be posted to the contributor's page.
All proceeds are tax deductible so please retain a copy of your sales order form for tax purposes. The ongoing maintenance project is tree removal. There are a number of old wild cherry trees that are an immediate threat to the headstones. These trees will be trimmed or removed as funds allow. A second project that will be started when the funds are available is fencing. Progress reports and photos will be posted to the website as progress is made. 
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