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Plan Name For Maximum Associated Members Annual Fee Description
Individual Person(s) 1 $20.00 Individual website membership entitles one person to access all member-only sections of the website, to receive discounts for online purchases from the website when applicable, and to have communication access to other members for the purpose of genealogy research and the exchange of documents and information. Members are also notified by email of important events associated with the website.
Individual - 2 yr. Person(s) 1 $35.00 Save $5.00 when joining using the two-year plan on individual membership with all of the benefits offered offered under the one-year plan!
Family Person(s) 3 $35.00 Allows up to three family members to join at a reduced rate while keeping all of the benefits of the one-year plan!
Individual- Caretaker Sponsor Person(s) 1 $50.00 This plan was developed to offer supporters a way to give extra towards the cemetery and website upkeep. In addition to a one-year membership and it's benefits, contributors at the sponsor level will be recognized for the full member year by name or organization on the website!
Individual-Guardian Sponsor Person(s) 1 $100.00 All the benefits of the one-year plan, PLUS, this sponsor plan includes a two year membership and recognition on the website as a Guardian contributor!
Organization/Business Organization 1 $75.00 This plan was offered to give organizations and businesses the opportunity to participate in a public / community project. All organizations and businesses will be recognized on the website for the membership year.