Long before the first vine was cut and the first headstone found, repaired, and reset, I was doing research on those buried at Dutch Hollow Hanger Cemetery.  Initially I worked almost exclusively using the research and documentation done by Dorothy Weaver for her book, Here Lyeth, Tombstone Inscriptions of Augusta County. Further into the project, I utilized about every available online genealogy resource available to piece things together.
The initial catalyst for the research was my desire to become a member of “First Families of Augusta County,” which was a program the Augusta County Historical Society initiated in the early 2000s.  Since many of my direct ancestors are buried at Dutch Hollow Cemetery, I naturally needed that evidence to support my claim that I was a direct descendant of an ancestor who had settled in Augusta County, Va., prior to 1800, the requirement for membership as a “First Family.” In some cases, their headstone inscription was the only documentation I could find at that time!
That research proved to be invaluable once I began to clear the graveyard of every vine, briar, and bramble known to inhabit our area, and finally expose the gravesites. As I found buried headstones, I would draw on my research of the names on the stones and their relationship to others buried there. As a result, I was able to correct some mistakes found in other research through no fault of their own, as well as establish the proper relationship for people who were not previously documented as being buried at Dutch Hollow.  Based on previous research I expected to find approximately fifty-five marked graves.  When the initial project was finished, I had found seventy-four graves, marked and unmarked.  I credit doing the research prior to beginning work in the graveyard for that success maybe more so than my persistence.
All credit for my own work in the cemetery I give to God.  I had always felt some personal guilt for the condition of the graveyard, not just because my ancestors are buried there, but because I also live within sight of it, a blessing that no other descendants currently have. God led me to work on this project and see it to its current point.  He also helped me while doing the work itself. Often, I would stop and reflect on my efforts, on those buried there, their lives, their difficulties, their death.  It was during those times that I would ask God to help me; in finding a headstone, in finding a broken piece of headstone, in finding a headstone base that marked the gravesite. I tried to be patient.  I would ask God, “just give me a little bit each day Lord.”  He did! About every day I worked, a new discovery would present itself, sometimes in the most unusual and unexpected ways.
That help from God has extended to the development of this non-profit organization and this website. Make no mistake, He knows I am not His sharpest, but He continues to encourage me to give to others what He has given to me regarding this project, that being a sense of appreciation for those He sent before me, for His purpose, in His time. Without them, I and many others descended from those buried at Dutch Hollow Hanger Cemetery would not be here. Maybe you, the reader, are one of those descendants.  
I pray that this work continues to be a part of His purpose for me as well as others, in that they might read it and take away some understanding of how His world worked in Dutch Hollow, Virginia for centuries prior to now, in preparation for you and me to be in our little part of His world today. So, use the website, become a supporter, make suggestions regarding improvements, and use the forums section of this website to conduct your own geneaology research and connect with others that are doing the same. Some of the resources on this site are for supporting website members only. Those sections, Focused Research, Library/ Archives, the membership list, store discounts, are continuously being added to with data, some of which can't be found anywhere else in the world. There is still a lot of information to be gleaned by non-members that might in some way benefit them in their research, but to get the greatest benefit from this site, please consider becoming a part of it. And don't forget, all contributions are tax deductible. This is our website for our use, let's use it as such.  And please, always feel free to contact me using any of the methods listed on the website contacts page. Always send an email when you find an error. It might be a name spelling, a date, or just a typo, but regardless of the mistake, you deserve correct information and that is what we strive for. 
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